Our Societal Commitments

The advent of digital has upset the codes of the classic company, making its environment more and more complex.

The change is not only at the digital level, but is accompanied by a more global transformation of working methods and different types of management.

At IREAS, we have deliberately chosen to break with classical patterns without renouncing the traditional contract of employment, and to innovate in social matters:

  • because we want committed stakeholders, wishing to master their working environment, we propose to them to federate them through a community of independent “Senior Advisor” independents,
  • for the assets we manage we propose the establishment of contracts with measurable performance indicators (KPI) and we commit to share the gains resulting from this performance for half with our collaborator.

IREAS is the guarantee for:

  • Our collaborator to access quality missions in project mode, motivating factor and permanent challenge,
  • Our customers to adapt quickly according to the specificities of each expectation, one-off or recurrent, through the best skills of the moment.