Site Management

Services for buildings and their occupants

Site Management brings together 3 professions ddedicated to the building and its occupants, organised around “Well Being” services that require the presence of experts on site:

  • A Hospitality Manager, the main contact for building occupants who orchestrates all the services offered to employees. He or she also assists the customer’s representatives and the marketing agents in renting out vacant space in the buildings.

  • A Community Manager whose role is to digitise services and create communities to facilitate exchanges between building occupants.

  • A Building Manager who, in the absence of the Hospitality Manager, orchestrates maintenance services and ensures that the Sustainable Development approach is implemented. He also ensures that tenants comply with their leases and with the safety rules in force in the building

The key benefits for you: attractive, well-maintained spaces and buildings, more fluid relations, enhanced use of spaces, greater productivity of premises, quality of service+ for occupants.