Green Management

Environmental performance

We analyse environmental performance in order to optimise the management of your assets and add values to them:

  • Helping you obtain certification for your buildings (HQE or BREAM),

  • Anticipating and informing you about changes in regulations (tertiary sector decree),

  • Auditing and analysing the energy profile of your buildings,

  • Suggest solutions to improve your environmental performance,

  • Certify your buildings to increase their added value,

  • Reduce your energy costs 

Tertiary sector decree no. 2017-918 of 9 May 2017

Decree on obligations to improve energy performance in tertiary buildings, which provides for:

  • A 40% reduction by 2030 and a 60% reduction by 2050,

  • The target may apply to an entire building stock,

  • Obligatory reporting of the building’s energy consumption.

The key benefits for you: environmental performance built in from the outset of the project, regulatory compliance, reduced environmental impact throughout the life cycle, attractiveness of the building, involvement of occupants to maximise effects, potential savings.