A mission-driven company

Managing today's property with commitment, inspiring tomorrow's

Created at the beginning of 2019, IREAS – International Real Estate Asset Services, a company specialising in commercial real estate services for investors, has, through its founder and partners who together have several decades of experience, a recognised track record in Property Management, Senior Advisory, Technical & Services management.

IREAS is developing a resolutely forward-looking approach

Connecting with day-to-day issues through exemplary awareness of user expectations to support those who optimise today’s user experience and anticipate tomorrow’s usage issues. Adding value to commercial property, in terms of both quantity and quality, requires new levers that need to be put in place right now!

Our way of doing business is organised around 3 axes:

  • Digital: a constellation of tools known as “Stella’RE”, providing one of the highest levels of digitisation on the market

  • The environment: we place environmental performance at the heart of our customers’ strategies

  • Social responsibility: not only does IREAS base its organisation on strong social principles that respect people, by associating its employees with the operational results of the assets under management, but we have also become Mission-driven company to reinforce our founding approach

With IREAS, you can rely on value managers to contribute to your performance!