A commited company

A company with a mission based on tangible values and strong customer commitments

Current and future societal challenges herald major changes that will lead to profound transformations in business models and investment strategies in all sectors, particularly the property sector.
Taking them into account is a factor of opportunity and innovation; neglecting them carries risks.

Our values of excellence enable us to be a true partner to our customers:

  • SERVICE : a sense of service at IREAS means a commitment to exemplary responsiveness, reassuring availability, reassuring proactivity and reassuring flexibility

  • LISTENING : a sense of hospitality nurtures the IREAS team, which sees listening as the fundamental starting point for sincere collaboration and genuine dialogue

  • RIGOUR : investment and dedication are rooted in the spirit of our teams. It’s our sense of service. We are united by our desire for excellence

  • SINCERITY : we advocate truth and anticipation. This is how we demonstrate the value of our intentions.
    Inspiring trust means guaranteeing a healthy and lasting relationship. United in transparency, we move forward in the interests of all

  • ETHICS : aware of the challenges of tomorrow, we adopt a responsible line of conduct. Both in human and environmental terms!

Our customer commitments

Within this framework of values, 8 major principles serve as guidelines for the promises we make to our customers:

  • Promise to strive for environmental performance in a sector that is one of the biggest energy guzzlers.
  • Promise to integrate new uses by increasing services and flexibility.
  • Promise to create links and enable dialogue between the various parties involved.
  • Promise of operational responsiveness: the proximity of our branches and the availability of our employees.
  • Promise of independence to protect our customers’ interests.
  • Promise to monitor results by producing an annual report based on a customer survey.
  • Promise of optimal communication with our customers thanks to a strong human dimension supported by digital tools.
  • Promise to act responsibly in all circumstances towards our clients and third parties, in accordance with the RICS charter.