The strength of our network

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Owner of tertiary buildings, fund and asset managers, you have very strong activity peaks, especially during acquisitions, arbitrations or repositioning of your buildings.

We can support you in this through  independent expert network in Asset Management federated by IREAS.

Our ambition is to make available to you experienced consultants capable of handling all levels of complexity on non-recurring missions.

The assets of our network are as follows:

  • National support through our federation of independent experts, adherents to the IREAS’ charter
  • Adaptability to the volume of missions thanks to collaboration between our members. 
  • Sharing resources between our experts for greater efficiency   serve our customers        
  • Best practice feedback among our experts to optimise future missions,
  • systematic supervision of the content productions to ensure the quality of deliverables,
  • Compliance with the deontology of the profession