After spending 15 years at BNP Paribas REPM France as Chairman, I decided to form IREAS, a real estate services firm structured around 3 axes:

  • Digital
  • Environmental
  • Societal

In a fast-paced market, in which we are keenly attuned to the new needs of our customers, we have completely revamped our approach to real estate to provide tailored solutions.

The societal challenges that we are seeing today, and those to come, point to major shifts that will lead to profound changes in business models and investment strategies across all sectors, including real estate. They are opening up new opportunities and chances to innovate. It would be risky to ignore them.
Our missions are changing and my ambition is 3-pronged: anticipation, innovation and challenges.

I also want our company to be founded on genuine human relationships, based on trust, feedback, dialogue, initiative and a sense of belonging to a collective whole.

With this in mind, we have shaped the values that we share with you.

Jean-Claude Tanguy 

Chairman – CEO

Mail : jean-claude.tanguy@ireas.com

Mob : +33 (0)7 70 28 57 22